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Host Requirements

  • The venue must be a legal and licensed location.
  • The venue must comply with country laws and regulations.
  • The venue must have space to accommodate 12 poker tables (estimated space needed: ≈ 150m2).
  • Venues are to provide free Wi-Fi, parking options, and toilet facilities.
  • Food and drink services must be available during competition hours at the bar or tables.

The Management

  • The European-OPC and National-OPC management conduct professional, ethical, and decent table etiquette and endeavour to create a friendly competition environment at all times.
  • During tournament events, management will operate according to The International Poker Rules.
  • The National-OPC management will provide all tournament tables.
  • The National-OPC management will set up all tables two hours before the event starts.
  • Where possible, the entire tournament event will be played within one designated area.
  • A clearly defined area for the final table has to be available.
  • Tournament tables and players are protected from spectator interference.
  • Where possible, spectators can watch the games and the final table.
  • Cash games are not allowed at any tournament event (zero-tolerance policy).
  • Neither the European-OPC nor the National-OPC management is responsible for damage to a venue by visitors.

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